Access and Keep Your UC Benefits

In order to access and keep your Unemployment Compensation benefits, its important to know how to appeal decisions you disagree with and how to extend your benefits for up to 26 weeks when you are eligible. This guide covers both topics. 

How to Appeal 

If you receive a Notice of Determination finding you ineligible for UC benefits and you disagree with the decision, you must file an appeal within 15 days of the decision’s mailing date.* 

The best way to submit your appeal is by email to UCAPPEALS@PA.GOV 

In order for your appeal to be accepted as valid, your email must include the following information: 

Your full name and mailing address 

The last four digits of your social security number (xxx-xx-1234) 

The mailing date of the determination that you are appealing (this is provided in a box on the decision) 

A brief statement explaining why you disagree with the determination and believe you should be eligible 

You may also want to include the following information: 

Your phone number 

The name, address and phone number of your employer (if applicable) 

You only need to send one email.  After you send the email to the address above, you will receive a confirmation email (check your spam folder as well).  If you do not receive this confirmation within an hour you should make sure that the email address was entered properly and try again. 

*Even if you are outside the 15 days, still appeal.  Many determinations are being mailed late, and given the pandemic, the government is being more lenient on appeals. 


Extending Your Benefits 


When your regular benefits end, you are eligible for up to 26 weeks of additional benefits, just continue filing your biweekly claims. 

  1. If you exhaust regular UC, you may then be eligible to receive Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation (PEUC) for an additional 13 weeks. 

  1. If you exhaust PEUC, Pennsylvania now has a new extension called Extended Benefits (EB).  Most workers will be eligible for between 9 and 13 weeks of EB in Pennsylvania. 

  1. If you exhaust EB, you may then be eligible to receive Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) if you lost a recent job due to COVID-19. 


Filing for EB 


To continue receiving benefits through the EB extension, all you need to do is continue filing biweekly claims. You will also receive a determination in the mail about the EB program. 

  1. You cannot file through the PAT telephone system, only file online. If you are unable to file online, the government will mail you a paper application that you can return through the mail. 

  1. When you log in to file your biweekly claim, your account will say it is inactive. You need to click the "File an EB claim" button at the bottom of the screen to file. 

 This image is a screenshot of where to click "File EB Claim" on the PA Department of Labor Website. It shows three dark blue rectangles with gray text. An orange arrow hovers over the middle box, which reads "File EB Claim"