New Options for Folks Denied Unemployment Based on Financial Eligibility

Use this flowchart to help you decide your best course of action if you were recently denied UC benefits based on your financial eligibility.  

Situation 1: If the Notice of Financial Determination is missing W-2 wages in the listed quarters then you should appeal the notice before the 15 day deadline. This may be a problem if you worked in a state other than Pennsylvania, or if your employer failed to report your wages. For more detailed instructions on how to appeal you can refer to this flyer.  Even if it is passed the appeal deadline, you should still appeal.  Due to a mailing error, many claimants are receiving the notices denying them benefits after the appeal deadline has passed.  The Department will still consider your appeal even if it is late due to that error.  

Situation 2: If you applied for benefits in January, February, or March of 2020 and most of your wages earned were between July 2019 and December 2019, then you should file a new application for benefits. UC does not consider earnings from the quarter when you apply or the quarter right before you applied. Since April is the start of a new quarter, the wages earned in October through December will now be considered and may make you financially eligible. If you already appealed a notice of financial determination and think you fall into this situation, you will have to withdraw your appeal before your new UC application can be considered.  

Situation 3: If your notice of financial eligibility showed little or no income from W-2 wages, then you should be eligible for the new Pandemic Unemployment Assistance program under the Federal CARES Act.  PUA will provide retroactive benefits to the date when you lost your job or income due to Covid19.  The application can be found at on the Department of Labor and Industry's website. For more information about PUA take a look at this flyer.