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Director of Human Resources

Job Summary:
The individual in this position is responsible for the administration and coordination of all human resources services and programs for over 50 employees, in the areas of recruitment and employment, benefits administration, employee relations, unemployment compensation, workers’ compensation, and general human resources operations. He or she will contribute to the development and improvement of employee morale and effectiveness through the implementation of human resources services and programs.
Work Environment:


Greta Diem - Staff Member
Richard Friedman - Attorney

Richard Friedman is the Director of Intake and Service Delivery at PLA.  He supervises the General Intake Unit.

Maureen Olives - Attorney

Maureen Olives is the Managing Attorney at PLA.

Jonathan Pyle - Attorney

Jonathan Pyle is the Contract Performance Officer at PLA.

Anita Santos-Singh - Attorney

Anita Santos-Singh is the Executive Director of PLA.

Susan Tripp - Staff Member

Susan Tripp is the Finance Director and a member of the management team at PLA.

David Williams - Staff Member

David Williams is the Director of Information Technology at PLA.