CARES Act Extensions & Updates

Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) Questions:


You exhausted your 39 weeks before December 26, 2020:

Login to your PUA portal now.  If the portal requires you to reopen your claim, you must do so.  The reopen process will ask similar questions to the initial application.  After you reopen, you should be able to file for weeks ending Jan. 2, 9, and 16.  You can then file for new weeks going forward. 

You filed for PUA for the week ending December 26, 2020:

Login to your PUA portal now and file for weeks ending Jan. 2, 9, and 16.  You can then file for new weeks going forward. 

You tried to file for PUA or open a new claim after December 26, 2020:

You may no longer see your original claim in the portal or have error messages on the account due to filing before the program was ready.  Unfortunately, you cannot file yet.  The Department of Labor and Industry is working to fix the errors on the accounts of everyone in this situation and you will then be able to file.

Everyone who is able to file must file for the 2021 back weeks by January 29, 2021.

All PUA claimants will automatically receive the extra $300.

I’ve received 39 weeks of PUA.  Am I entitled to additional benefits under the CARES Act extension?

Yes. The extension provides for an additional 11 weeks (50 weeks total) of PUA.

When does the PUA program end under the extension?

PUA cannot be paid for any weeks of unemployment after the week ending April 10, 2021.  You have until then to collect the 50 weeks.

My PUA benefits ended on Dec. 26, 2020 even though I haven’t received 39 weeks of benefits.  Will I still get the full 50 weeks? 

If you have not collected the original 39 weeks, then you have until April 10 to collect those and the additional 11 weeks.  The new program end date is April 10, 2021, so if you have not claimed the 50 weeks by that date then you will be cut off again.

I suffered a loss of work due to new COVID restrictions, but I haven’t filed for PUA yet. If I file an application now, can I receive benefits retroactive to when I lost work in November?

No. The COVID relief bill placed a new limitation on PUA.  Anyone who files for PUA for the first time after the extension was passed can only backdate to the week ending December 5, 2020.

However, we believe that claimants who need to file new PUA claims because they have been denied UC, or due to a policy change in PUA eligibility, should be able to backdate to the day they lost work due to COVID-19.


Pandemic Unemployment Compensation (FPUC/PUC) Questions:

Does the extension provide additional weeks of supplement payments on top of my normal weekly benefit entitlement?

Yes. PUC was reinstated to provide an extra $300 per week up until March 14, 2021.  Claimants on any type of unemployment program will receive the $300 in addition to their weekly benefit amount.  We believe it will be paid the same as the $600 during the summer: PUA claimants will get it the same time as their regular benefits, and UC claimants will get two payments of the $300 the week after they receive their regular benefits.

However, we expect there will be a delay before the government begins paying out the $300 supplement.

Because of the delay in the bill signing, we are awaiting guidance from the government about whether claimants who file for the week ending Jan. 2, 2021 will get the $300 for that week.  

Do I need to apply for the extra $300?

No.  Just continue to file your claims normally and it will automatically be paid.


Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation (PEUC) Questions:

I previously exhausted all of my UC, PEUC and EB benefits. Does the extension allow me to receive additional benefits?

Yes. If you are still unemployed you can claim an additional 11 weeks of benefits on PEUC.  You have until April 10, 2021 to claim the 11 weeks.

I’m currently receiving PUA because I exhausted my regular UC, PEUC, and EB benefits. Will I get an overpayment if I continue to claim PUA benefits I receive while I wait for my PEUC benefits to resume?

No. You should continue to claim PUA benefits and you will not be assessed an overpayment if you continue to collect PUA while the Department gets the PEUC extension set up.  There is a special part of the COVID relief bill that allows you to stay on PUA until they switch you to PEUC.  But you can only receive a total of 11 weeks between the two programs.

Do I need to file a new application?

No, if you are currently receiving PEUC the additional weeks should be added in automatically.

If you are currently receiving regular UC and are close to exhausting, continue to file and when you exhaust your benefits the government will automatically build you a PEUC claim.

If you previously exhausted UC, PEUC, and EB, then you will need to reopen your UC claim online and begin filing again.  There will be a delay before you receive benefits because the government will need to build a new PEUC claim for you.  

I previously exhausted my 13 weeks of PEUC and am currently receiving EB. Will I receive the additional 11 weeks of PEUC and then resume getting EB when those benefits are exhausted?

No. If you have an active EB claim, you must stay on EB until you exhaust those benefits.  Then the government will automatically add on the 11 weeks of PEUC.  PEUC will end on April 10, 2021 regardless of whether you have collected all 11 weeks. 

I am currently receiving regular UC benefits and will not exhaust my benefits until March. Will I still be able to get PEUC?

You will be able to collect PEUC until the program ends on April 10, 2021

My UC benefit year is about to end, do I need to file a new UC application?

Yes, if your claim year is about to end (meaning it has been a year since you first filed your UC application), you should file a new UC claim.  If you are eligible for a new claim then you will collect under that.  If you are not eligible for a new UC claim, you will continue on the extension program.