25 Years of PLA: Taxpayer Support Clinic

The taxpayer support clinic staff pose for a picture

The Taxpayer Support Clinic supports individuals navigating complex and confusing federal income tax challenges, from IRS audits to identity theft, delayed stimulus payments, and struggles with debt. In 2021, our Taxpayer Support Clinic launched a poster campaign with the Center for Urban Pedagogy (CUP) to increase awareness about worker misclassification and inform workers of their rights, distributing over 600 posters to low income tax clinics and worker’s rights organizations across the country. The Clinic also raised awareness around the child tax credit and helped clients, such as Abdul, get their refunds. In 2021, PLA’s tax attorneys initiated a lawsuit on behalf of Abdul, a Syrian refugee who was not getting the child tax credit he was owed for his seven children after a tax preparer he paid filed his taxes incorrectly. PLA’s lawsuit led to Abdul getting the $1,100 he was owed to support his family, ensuring he wasn’t left behind as a result of tax preparer error or language access barriers.