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Medical-Legal Community Partnership

The MLCP embeds legal advocates into health centers to support medical care and help address socio-legal need, things like medical insurance, housing stability, and income support.

Meeting these basic needs strengthens medical care and communities.

Our Partners

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Our Impact

According to a recent client survey, as a result of receiving our services:

  • 90% of clients reported that their issue was completely or partially resolved
  • Two thirds of clients report feeling less stressed or anxious
  • 83% of clients feel safer or have greater peace of mind

Meet the Medical-Legal Community Partnership

PLA Attorney Caitlin Rudin and Dr. Laura Hribar join Erin Davison for a panel discussion celebrating National Health Center Week. Tune in to learn more about the Medical-Legal Partnership model and how it leads to positive outcomes for patients!

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Legal Aid as Harm Reduction

Legal aid that supports housing stability, food security, and access to economic support can make a huge impact to folks recovering from Substance Use Disorder. 

Check out our blog to learn more!

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Health and Home

We all need to lean on others when times get tough. At the Medical-Legal Community Partnership, we know that family units can provide care and support during uncertain times, and are fighting to keep families healthy and united during COVID-19.