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PLA is dedicated to enforcing and protecting the rights of individuals and families by providing accessible, creative and high quality legal assistance and working collaboratively for systemic change.

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Consumer Housing

The Housing Unit strives to prevent foreclosures for low-income homeowners, fight against predatory lending, and assist families in preserving the integrity of their homes.

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Family Law

The Family Law Unit assists survivors of domestic and sexual violence.

Our vision is for all families to receive the support and trauma-informed care they need to build healthy, happy, and independent lives. 

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Unemployment Compensation Unit

The Unemployment Compensation Unit provides critical support to workers facing financial instability while navigating complex and arduous public benefit systems. 

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Taxpayer Support Clinic

The Taxpayer Support Clinic helps people struggling with federal tax issues, difficulties with the IRS, worker misclassification, and other related income tax challenges.

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Medical Legal Community Partnership

The MLCP embeds legal advocates in community health centers to support medical care, screen patients for social and legal needs, and resolve issues contributing to poor health including lack of insurance, housing conditions, and public benefits.

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Pennsylvania Farmworker Project

PLA works with farmworkers across Pennsylvania to advocate for workplace safety, health standards, and fair wages.

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Management and Administrative Staff

PLA's management, administrative, compliance, development, and communications staff are the face of our organization and perform the essential roles that keep us working toward justice.