Seasonal Farm Worksite Regulations during the Coronavirus Pandemic

The following are a few pre-existing rules about seasonal worksite conditions that may help prevent the spread of coronavirus. These rules aren’t the only ones, so if something seems dangerous or unsafe to you at work, please call us!

While at work on a farm, your employer has to provide:

  • A handwashing station with...
    • hot water and
    • single-use towels.
    • Remember! To prevent transmission of the coronavirus, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommends frequently washing your hands for 20 seconds using soap and water but the law only requires that your employer provides soap if there are at least 11 employees.
  • A bathroom with at least one toilet for each 15 workers of the same gender that...
    • is close to your worksite,
    • is clean,
    • has enough toilet paper,
    • is working, and
    • is cleaned daily.
      • It is the employer’s responsibility to clean the bathroom unless he informs you in writing (and in your native language) that you share this responsibility.
  • Drinkable water that...
    • is close to your worksite,
    • is cool,
    • is in a covered container made from a material that prevents chemical contamination of the water, and
    • you can drink with your own individual cup, not from a common source.


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