25 Years of PLA: Pennsylvania Farmworker Project

Jordy and Alejandra pose at an outreach table with the PFP

The Pennsylvania Farmworker Project works to ensure that struggling farmworkers know their rights and can access legal support to fight against wage theft, unjust termination, unsafe working conditions, substandard housing, and workplace discrimination and harassment.  In 2021, the PA Farmworker Project was able to resume in-person outreach and begin restoring the trust-based relationships that are key to their unit’s success. Through outreach trips to farmworker housing camps and virtual know-your-rights presentations with the Mexican consulate, back-to-school nights, and other state-wide collaborators, the Farmworker Project was able to educate hundreds of farmworkers on their rights.

“We travel 2-3 hours to meet our clients. We actually see what their working conditions look like, and when they talk to us about isolation, we know their experience firsthand because we have been there and seen their houses.” - Alejandra, Paralegal

“With a small unit, we build a strong support system. We go to meet clients where they are at. People see familiar faces on every one of our trips, which builds trust and familiarity. Some people don’t think they have any rights their housing can be so bad, but they are just grateful for a roof over their head. We tell them their housing can and should be better, tell them we are there for them, and help them get the resources they deserve.” - Jordy, Americorps Vista