A Quick Guide to IRS Web Tools

The IRS has a number of different web pages to help you get or provide information about your taxes. We've made the following guide for which page is which and how to use them.

Webpage What it does What you need
Where's My Refund Check the status of your refund for the most recent tax year. Your Social Security Number, filing status, and amount of refund.
Where's My Amended Return Check the status of an amended tax return for this year or any of the past three years.  Your Social Security Number, date of birth, and zip code (from your most recent tax return). 
Get My Payment Find out when and where your third economic stimulus was sent. Your Social Security Number, date of birth, and address (from most recent tax return or non-filer return).
Child Tax Credit Update Portal Update your address or bank account for advance Child Tax Credit payments, or opt out of payments. So far, you cannot use this site to add children or sign up for payments, but that may change.  An existing IRS services account, or an existing ID.Me account, or creating one using your photo ID (requires a phone or email address and the ability to submit a selfie).

IRS Services

  1. Get Transcript
  2. Verify Identity 
  3. Get an Identity Protection PIN


Get IRS records of your old tax returns, W-2/1099 information, and more. The same account can be used for making tax payments online, requesting an IP PIN, or verifying your identity to the IRS. An email address, a phone number under your own name, some information from your last tax return, and a personal account number for one of the following: credit card, mortgage, home equity loan, home equity line of credit, car loan, or certain student loans.