Read a Letter From Dorothy, a PLA Board Member and Former Client

A red and white sign reads "foreclosure"

Ahead of Giving Tuesday, we wanted to share a wonderful letter from our valued Board member Dorothy. Before she became a Board member, Dorothy was a client facing bankruptcy. Our Consumer Housing Unit was there when she needed help. Read Dorothy’s letter:

If you ever wondered if nonprofit organizations really help the community, I’m here to tell you PLA does. Less than a decade ago, I was a divorced mother of four teenagers and self-employed trying to make ends meet, which meant saving money was a priority. So, when I was approached with the option of re-financing my mortgage, I jumped on it. Little did I know there were more than a few unethical things done before, during, and after the re-fi process that led to a foreclosure notice from my “predatory lender.”  

I made an appointment with ACORN to help with the foreclosure and they referred me to PLA. It was game on when I was assigned attorney Kim T. For over a year, we brainstormed, she filed motions, we got rejected, and we appealed, but more importantly she never gave up. I did not give PLA or the attorney one penny for their services, yet, she never treated me less than. She understood my circumstances at that time had nothing to do with my intellectual abilities or character.  

We ultimately won against, not one, but all three major lending companies involved, and she was able to save my home. It was attorney Kim T. that submitted a recommendation to the organization suggesting I become a Board member, which is another testament of PLA’s integrity: they not only have staff and volunteers that care, but they also have Board members that know firsthand what it feels like to be in need. PLA was my voice when no one wanted to listen.  

Fast forward to current day: business is great, my kids are adults, and grateful is still my state of mind. I walked away from that stressful experience empowered. Now, as a Board member, I get to participate in giving back and witness history repeat itself by watching some amazing attorneys, staff, and volunteers help those in need.  

Thank You, PLA!

Dorothy B. 

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