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Immigration Relief

“How can I get legal immigration status?” 

This is a common question for a common struggle. The truth is that it can be difficult to get a visa to come to the United States, but there are visas that someone can apply for after they get to the United States if they have experienced certain crimes. 

These visas are for people who have experienced certain types of crimes in the U.S.. With these visas, you can apply for a close family member to join you even if they have not experienced the crime.

A few of these crimes include:

  • Domestic violence from a family member or someone who lives in your home
  • Sexual assault, including at work or from a loved one
  • Labor trafficking, or situations where the employer makes the worker feel like they can’t leave their job or where the employer lies to the worker to keep them on the job. 

If you are wondering if you or a family member might qualify for one of these visas, call us! We provide free immigration screenings.


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