Did Your Employer Not Give You a W2 for 2022?

A photo of a W-2 Form

The law requires employers to give their employees a Form W-2 by January 31st each year. That means if you worked for an employer in 2022, you should have received your W-2 by now. If you haven’t yet received your W-2, you should make contact with that employer and ask them for the W-2. 

The employer also sends a copy of the W-2 to Social Security so that the employee gets Social Security credit for the wages earned the prior year. If you haven’t yet received your W-2, it might mean that your employer also didn’t send a copy to Social Security, which can cost you valuable credit for future retirement and disability benefits! 

If you haven’t yet received a W-2, it might also mean that your employer “misclassified” you as an Independent Contractor. This can cost you extra tax and also risk your future Social Security benefits. If your employer wasn’t taking taxes out of your pay last year and you think you might have been misclassified, check out our website https://philalegal.org/resources/worker-misclassification and contact us if you have questions.

If you try to contact your employer to get a copy of your W-2, but your employer doesn’t give it to you by the end of February, you can file your taxes by using your last pay stub from 2022 and filing out Form 4852 as a “substitute W-2”. You’ll also want to gather any other proof of the wages you have, such as bank deposits, copies of checks, additional paystubs, which you can submit with the Form 4852 or wait to see if the IRS asks for them.   

If your employer misclassified you and wasn’t taking taxes out of your pay last year, there is a different process than the Form 4852 “substitute for return”, which is a bit more complicated.

Bottom line: if you haven’t received your W-2 and can’t get your employer to give it to you, contact us to see if we can help! Call our intake at 215-981-3800 between 9:30 am and 12 pm Monday through Thursday or apply online at https://philalegal.org/apply