The IRS Changes Requirements

Online IRS accounts are useful for verifying one's ID to get their refunds, getting their Identity Protection PIN to file their tax returns electronically, and getting information about their Child Tax Credit payments.

Many people are having trouble creating accounts, which are now required to sign into online IRS accounts. The facial recognition software doesn’t always work well. 

Some people just don’t feel comfortable sharing their biometric data and other private personal identifying information with the private company

Users and politicians complained so the IRS announced that it will no longer require people to do the facial recognition, and they are working on a plan to replace later this year.

In the short term, people can now go through to get to access their IRS information without having to upload their pictures for facial recognition. Instead, they’ll be able to request a live representative to verify their identity on a virtual call. 

It is possible that there will still be long wait times to get the live representative, and, for those who want, the facial recognition process is still available. But now will delete all photos, for new users as well as for people who have already used the facial recognition process to create an account in the past.

The IRS says it is also working on a totally different system which it hopes to have ready later this year.

If you had trouble getting your IRS account information online because of the, it may be worth trying again under the new procedures to see if that works better for you.

Here is the IRS announcement about phasing out

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