You can request an extension to get your federal and state taxes done!

The 2020 income tax filing and payment deadline for the IRS and Pennsylvania is May 17, 2021. But if you need more time to get your tax return done, you can get an extension until October 15 and avoid late filing penalties. You must request an extension by May 17.


The payment deadline is still May 17 but you can avoid late payment penalties with the IRS and the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue by timely paying your tax burden even if you request an extension at the same time. 


Taxpayers can get an IRS extension using IRS Form 4868 or by filing online through the IRS FreeFile program; see here for details: With the extension request, taxpayers can make a payment (if they wish) either through check or money order or online. If a taxpayer is able to pay their federal tax liability by the May 17 payment deadline, they will avoid late payment penalties even if they file the return later.


Pennsylvania taxpayers can also get an extension until October 15 on their state income tax return filing. Taxpayers must request a state extension by May 17 as well. Extending the time to file a state tax return does not extend the deadline for payment. Taxpayers can avoid late state payment penalties by paying their state income tax by May 17. Pennsylvanians can request an extension and make a payment electronically or they can file a paper Form 276 and make payment with the form via check or money order; see here for details: