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Philadelphia Legal Assistance only takes clients seeking help with child or spousal support if it is integral to an existing Family Law case. PLA has self-help materials available below to help you file your own case.

Many families do not live with all members in the same home, but some family members may still need to financially support their children and spouses. For survivors of violence, or parents of children who have survived violence, receiving support is critical in maintaining a safe and stable life. 

Child support is the responsibility of a parent to provide money for their child.  If you are caring for your underage or disabled child and the other parent is not providing any (or enough) support for you to raise the child, you may be able to get an order requiring the other parent to pay you child support.

Spousal support is the responsibility of a married person to provide money for their spouse to support them financially after the separation. If you are married and you are separated from your spouse, you may be able to get an order for spousal support, whether or not you and your spouse have children.

You may file for child support at Court at 1501 Arch Street, 8th Floor. You can also find information on support and paternity and create an account on PA's child support website and file there:

You can find information about child support here:

Child Support Brochure
Domestic Violence and TANF Support Brochure
Paternity Brochure

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