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Driver's Licenses

Philadelphia Legal Assistance may be able to help some people  who are experiencing certain license issues. Unfortunately, PLA may not be able to provide assistance with every type of license issue. If we cannot help we will try to direct you as to how you may be able to fix the issue yourself or whether you may want to work with a private attorney.

One common license issue is being unable to obtain a license due to identification documents that do not match, like birth certificates and social security cards with different names. PLA may be able to assist with this by helping with an administrative name change through vital records in some instances. If the name corrections cannot be completed that way, you could be referred to Philly VIP where they may be able to provide a pro bono attorney to assist with a court ordered name change.

Another common issue may be an old judgment on your record causing your license to remain suspended until the judgment is satisfied. PLA may be able to provide assistance in a number of ways, including possibly having the judgment removed from your record in some instances.

If you are experiencing one of these issues, or perhaps something similar, please contact us to see if we can help.

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