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Taking Time Off

Farmwork is a very demanding job, and a lot of workers are denied time off when they need it. Some workers have a legal right to take time off work (without pay) for their own or close family member's serious health problems if all of the following apply:

  • You have been at your jobs for at least a year, 
  • You have 50 or more coworkers, and
  • You have worked a total of 1,250 hours in the past year (that’s at least 24 hours per week if you work year-round).

How “serious” does the health problem have to be? 

What counts as a serious health problem depends on the circumstances. A health problem may be serious enough to qualify you for time off from work if you or your family member:

  • have to stay overnight in a hospital because of it.
  • can’t work for at least three days and have at least one doctor’s appointment plus follow-up treatment during those three days off.
  • have to stay home from work and get medical treatment at least twice per year due to a chronic condition.
  • are pregnant and need to take time off for doctor’s appointments or because you feel sick or need bed rest.
  • need to bond with a newborn child, a newly adopted child, or a new foster child. 

Intake Process

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