Helping Pennsylvania Farmworkers When They Need it Most

A pair of hands holds a handful of white mushrooms

In advance of Giving Tuesday, we will be highlighting stories of how legal aid improved the lives individual Philadelphians this year. Today we want to highlight the important work of our Pennsylvania Farmworker Project. 

Mr. P was a driver for a mushroom company for 11 years. After many years of hard work, Mr. P was suddenly laid off from the company. The Pennsylvania Farmworker Project helped him apply for unemployment compensation benefits. The company had promised Mr. P seven days of severance pay, and the Pennsylvania Farmworker Project helped him request additional severance pay and a recommendation letter so Mr. P could feel better positioned for the future. 

Shortly after, the company declared bankruptcy and withdrew the severance payment they had deposited into Mr. P’s bank account. At that point, the Pennsylvania Farmworker Project began collaborating with the Consumer Bankruptcy Assistance Project to help Mr. P claim his severance pay through the bankruptcy proceedings. Thanks to the Pennsylvania Farmworker Projects' efforts as guided by the Consumer Bankruptcy Assistance Project, this year Mr. P received his promised severance pay. Consider making a donation this Giving Tuesday to support work that helps farmworkers like Mr. P.