How to Preserve Evidence for UC Hearings

Should I appeal my unemployment compensation denial?

To protect your right to benefits, always appeal and do it immediately. If you do not understand the decision or you are not sure whether you need to appeal, we strongly recommend you appeal immediately instead of waiting for clarification from the Department. It may take a long time for you to get through to an Unemployment Compensation Representative on the phone, and it is possible that person will not have your full case file in front of them.

If you receive multiple decisions and at least one of those finds you ineligible, you must appeal it in order to receive benefits.

If you miss an appeal deadline and you believe you have a good reason for missing the deadline, you can still appeal. You will then have a Referee (similar to a judge) hearing to present your reasons for the late appeal. If the Referee finds that you had good cause for the late appeal, then the Referee will consider your eligibility. If the Referee finds that you do not have good cause, then the Referee will dismiss the appeal as untimely. Go to the hearing prepared to discuss both why your appeal was late and your eligibility for benefits.

For information on how to send in an appeal, please visit the "How to Appeal a Regular UC Denial" page on is a new online resource for Pennsylvania workers with current and accurate information about regular Unemployment Compensation and Pandemic Unemployment Assistance, created by Philadelphia Legal Assistance.